We are a Different Kind of Company

We are a company built on a vision, dedicated to excellence, on a mission to bring about a new optimistic future in global healthcare.

Who We Are

As a subsidiary of New World Dynamics, LLC in the United States our story began with the patent of a single medication delivery device called a “Ferrellok™” which is pronounced \ferəl- läk\. Within a brief period of time a new company was founded called, Ferrellok Life Sciences with a core focus being innovation and to act as a catalyst for future large scale medical projects. We’ve come a long way since then, adding medical distribution to our mission as well. 

confident black African American doctor wearing face mask and blue scrubs standing in hospital room
Scientists are using a micropipette for scientific experiments

What We Do

We are a diverse company with complex missions. We are engaged in research, design, and development of advanced medical devices to address the greatest challenges in healthcare today while anticipating the needs of the future. Additionally, we are medical distributors and are working to assure that customers and patients have the best medical equipment and supplies available when they need them. 

Our Impact 

As a multifaceted company our impact within the medical system is significant. As innovators, we are always searching for solutions to the most complex problems in healthcare. As a distributor, we offer our customers and patients access to well over 500,000 supplies and equipment from respected brands such as Sklar Instruments, Cardinal Health, and Johnson & Johnson.

Girl holding polymers Bio-MEMS biomedical microelectromechanical systems / LOC lab-on-a-chip device

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