Our Privacy Notice

Read our Privacy Notice to learn more about the kind of personal data that we process and for what purpose during your visit to our websites. The notice, which was updated on (June 22, 2020) outlines the steps that we take to safeguard your personal information. You can find other important documents such as our Terms of Use, Diversity and Inclusion statement, Return Policy for our products and more by clicking the appropriate links. 

The privacy and trust of our customers is of paramount importance to us. Ferrellok Life Sciences, LLC (“Ferrellok Life Sciences, LLC” or “We”) is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy and personal information. This Privacy Notice (“Privacy Notice”) is designed to inform our customers and or regular visitors about the reason Ferrellok Life Sciences, LLC may collect and share personal information and steps we take to protect your privacy. We reserve the right to modify and update this Privacy Notice at any time. By using this website, you are accepting the steps taken to protect your privacy as outlined in this Privacy Notice. We encourage you to read our entire Privacy Notice to fully understand our policies.


This Privacy Notice applies only to the Ferrellok Life Sciences, LLC website and its subdomain. Any parent company or subsidiary of Ferrellok Life Sciences, LLC may have their own websites domains and subdomains and possess their own Privacy Notice. Likewise, any company’s name that appears on this website or subdomain may have their own websites and Privacy Statement or Notice as well as their own methods of protecting your privacy. You are encouraged to read their Privacy Statement or Notice for further information on their policies.


  • “Account Information” refers to basic data collected when a website and subdomain is accessed.

  • “Browser Information” refers to information provided by the web-browser such as the IP address, network connection data, their device information and other reasonably collected information when a website or subdomain is accessed.

  • “Contact Information” refers to first and last name, business and or street address, telephone or mobile phone number and business email or email address as well as social media information.

  • “Cookie” refers to a small program used by many websites which is placed on a computer hard drive when a website is accessed which contains simple unique anonymous identification which can only be accessed by the website that placed it there.

  • “Device Information” refers to the device identification which may include data such as IP address, manufacturer and device identification number, operating system in use, geographic information, and website navigational behavior collected when interacting with a website or subdomain.

  • “Security Information” refers to the creation and use of a username and password or password hints on a website enabling interaction with certain functions of the website.

  • “Sensitive Personal Information” refers to personal information such as credit card or ACH information, date of birth, or other personally identifiable information.

  • “Usage Information” refers to data collected when visiting a website or subdomain which includes login data, pass click data, page visitation data, and other general interactive data.

  • “Transaction Information” refers to any transaction-based information collected while interacting with a website which may include product and or order information; destination information which may include shipping details.

Private Information We May Collect

When using this website personal information may be collected. Personal information refers to any information that is collected by Ferrellok Life Sciences, LLC whether directly and indirectly or in compliance with applicable laws both federal and state which assist in the identification of an individual. When you voluntarily visit and interact with our website, including subscribing to newsletters or placing a transaction, we may collect personal information which may include:

  • Browser information such as your IP address and network connection data.

  • Contact information such as your name, title, address, telephone number, and email address.

  • Device information such as your IP address, operating system, or basic geographic location.

  • Security information such as your username.

  • Sensitive personal information such as a credit card or ACH information provided when you complete a purchase.

  • Usage information such as basic interactive data gathered when you visit our website or subdomain.

  • Transactional information such as information about your product order and shipping details when you make a purchase.

This website also utilizes API’s reCaptcha technology on communication portals as a protective nature to guard against suspicious activities such as spam or other abusive behavior. To view their Privacy and Terms policies please visit:  https://policies.google.com/privacy#infocollect to learn more.

How We Use Your Information

Our purpose for gathering and using data is, first and foremost, to improve user experience when visiting and interacting with our website or subdomain. Gathering basic anonymous information about visitors to our website and subdomain helps to determine features that interest visitors most or areas which may need improvement. Statistical data helps to reveal frequency of website visits as well as times of highest and lowest traffic and geographic locations where traffic is heaviest. Information of this nature may be useful for advertising or promotions.

Another purpose for gathering information is to set up preferences for emails; ordering white papers; subscriptions; newsletters, or blogs. It may also be used when you create a favorites or shopping lists when using our ecommerce site.

Most importantly, collecting contact, security, or sensitive personal information may be necessary when verifying identification; customer support and troubleshooting; detecting and preventing fraud; marketing and surveys; processing orders and payments, and complying with specific laws.

Use of Cookies

Ferrellok Life Sciences, LLC as well as other third-party service providers often use cookies, web beacons, and other complex technologies in order to provide you with a high level of personalized services such as preference setting. We or another service provider may place a cookie on your device which allows us to monitor activities during your visit such as your browsing activities, use of the site, and your preferences. At this time some personal data is collected.

Persistence and session-based cookies are used by Ferrellok Life Sciences, LLC. The two forms of cookies are somewhat different in nature. For instance, a Persistent cookie remains on your hard drive even when you close your web browser and are offline; while  a Session-based cookie terminates after you close your web browser. No other website may access the cookies we place on your device.

It is important to note that you control the ability of a website to place cookies on your device. For instance, if your browser is set to allow cookies to be placed, then cookies may be automatically placed there during your visit to our or any other website. Once a cookie is placed on your device your browser will only permit that website to access the cookie that they place. It is therefore site specific. They will not be able to access the cookies placed on your device by other websites.

The use of cookies is vital for website and ecommerce operations.

  • Cookies help us to make sure our website is operating correctly and to make improvements to its functionality.

  • They help us to enhance your visit to our website and to set your preferences when visiting.

  • Cookies allow us to gather certain statistical data of use with different forms of advertising such as targeted advertising and marketing campaigns which may be of interest to you at the time.

  • Without the presence of cookies on your device certain functions of a website such as streaming video or chat may not operate correctly.

You may, at your preference, decide to clear or disable the placement of cookies on your hard drive or device. To do so, simply access your device or browser’s control or security settings to decline the placement of cookies or to clear preexisting cookies. However, as previously mentioned, if you opt to deny the placement of cookies on your device your visit to our or any other website may be impacted making functions such as login in difficult.

How We Share Information

At no point will Ferrellok Life Sciences, LLC sell your personal or private information to third parties. Information may be shared with third-parties who are authorized to assist in website function; operation; security; performance; testing, and troubleshooting. Additionally, we may share information with banks and other financial entities for processing of credit, ACH or other payment processing, fraud detection, or risk reduction. Other business operations such as data analytics as well as communications for marketing or promotional campaigns may require the use of other third-parties as well. These parties are only authorized to have access to personal information if it is necessary to carry out their assigned task or services to Ferrellok Life Sciences, LLC. Finally, there may arise instances where we are compelled by federal and or state laws to share information with authorized governmental and law enforcement entities and agencies. In those cases, information sharing will be in strict adherence to the law.

Securing Your Information

We strive to assure the security of your personal information to prevent access by unauthorized parties, accidental data disclosure or loss, or other forms of misuse of your information. This is done in part with the use of encryption and firewalls. Our ecommerce platform is maintained by a “PCI DSS Level 1 compliant” service provider who is also fully compliant with the “European Union-United States Privacy Shield Framework and Swiss-United States Privacy Shield Framework” in agreement with the United States Department of Commerce.

While we make every effort to maximize security of your information no amount of security is absolute. It is also your responsibility to take steps to protect your personal information as well by maintaining the privacy of your passwords and password hints. We hold no responsibility for protecting any information you have released based upon agreements you have entered in with a third party.

Privacy Notice Updates

We will make updates to our Privacy Notice as we continue to improve or enhance the services or products that we provide to you. The new changes will always be reflected on this Privacy Notice before they take effect. You are encouraged to periodically examine our Privacy Notice to view the most recent updates.