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Education and research requires the best supplies and equipment available. Whether purchasing anatomy models for a university classroom, a manikin for your advanced life support training, or kits for your Incident Command Systems (ICS) training program, we have what you need. We offer high-quality products that fit within your complex budget from top companies such as GPI Anatomicals and Disaster Management Systems. Contact Us to see what we can do for you.

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Rely on us for high-quality educational and training products as well medical-surgical and PPE supplies.

Ferrellok Life Sciences is proud to be an authorized dealer of all GPI Anatomicals (GPI) products. GPI Anatomicals is the largest manufacturer of anatomical models for pharmaceutical companies and has sold over three million models throughout the world. GPI Anatomicals specializes in advanced plastic product design and manufacturing process to produce realistic, anatomically accurate models used within the medical community for patient education. Click to learn more, contact us to ask a question, or shop to place an order.  

GPI® Muscled Hip with Sciatic Nerve 

Full size normal right hip with proximal femur and lower lumbar vertebrae including: sciatic nerve, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus and more.
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GPI® Lung

Full size normal cut-away lung model shows bronchus, arteries, vein, two lymph nodes, bronchial passages and trachea bifurcation.
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GPI® Kidney

Oversized longitudinal section of right kidney and adrenal gland. Model highlights renal artery and vein, major and minor calyx, interlobular artery and vein.
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GPI Anatomicals has highly accurate models used for research and education for nearly every part of the human anatomy including: the Brain, Cardiovascular System; Digestive System; Ear; Eye, Bones and Joints; Respiratory System; Sinus and Thyroid; Skin; Teeth; as well as Female and Male Health; Diabetes; Cancer; and other models detailing various pathologies.

GPI® Basic Vertebrae

Full size normal L2, L3 and L4 with intervertebral discs and lumbar nerve section. Fully articulating vertebrae model.
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GPI® Sinus

Full size cut-away normal model depicts a near median section through the nose and nasal passages. Details include nasal cavity, soft and hard palate, and more.
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GPI® Heart

Full size two-piece normal model opens in half to show inner chambers and valves of the heart, as well as aortic arch, superior and inferior vena cava, and more.
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